And so it begins

My girlfriend of 50 years, who is also my wife of 42 years, and I are about to live the dream. It is a dream that has been delayed for 42 years while we raised kids and tended to life in general. I have had numerous careers including Salesman, Fisheries Biologist, Jeweler, High-Tech Call Center GM and finally Computer Repairman and Furniture Salesman. Unfortunately I forgot to make any money along the way so for the most part this dream will be fueled by Social Security 🙂
We were going to move directly to Cuenca Ecuador but saner heads prevailed and we have decided to make a six month discovery trip first. We leave on Sep 15th for Lima, Peru and return home from Guatemala City on the 15th of March. I graduated from a very specialized school at the University of the Pacific, Elbert Covell College, with a degree in Inter-American Relations. There were less than 400 of us that ever went through there and we are still very very connected these days. All of the classes I took there were taught in Spanish and most of the students were from Central and South America. Because of that I have friends in every Latin American Country and I am hoping to visit as many as I can. It is our intention to start in Peru then head to Chile and Argentina then back up to Ecuador and from there all of Central America. Seem like a lot to attempt? Hell yes, and we are going as 65 year old 18 year old hippies with only one back pack apiece for luggage 🙂
We are neither in great physical shape having both been grossly overweight and having recently been plagued by a few diseases that seem to accompany old age. We both, however, lost a ton of weight and worked out in the gym until recent events caused a slowdown and in my case I discovered beer and have gained a substantial amount of weight back. I am looking forward to a different lifestyle in Latin America and an upswing in health.
I am also the web master for if you would like to know more about us. I am doing this blog as a way to stay connected with all of my family and friends throughout the Americas and, perhaps, to let some people know that this is a possible thing to do and maybe inspire someone else to tackle an adventure
Craig and Pam Carothers