March 16th 2011

Dinner with Willa Godfrey

Dinner was a gift from Alan and Dawn Carothers

Dinner was held at the Victorian Inn in Ferndale Ca.

Limosine was courtesy of the Victorian Inn


This has long been one of our favorite restaraunts in Humboldt County. We have watched this restaraunt grow from the beginning and have made a number of new friends amongst the staff here. We are very happy to have seen Lowell and Jenny adapt to the realities of the Humboldt economy and cuisine and by reacting in a timely maner have managed to preserve the restaraunt so that we may be able to enjoy it far into the future. Although my friend, and former executive chef, Jeff Sesar has moved on to his next venture, the cooking remains solid as does the service and hospitality. If you have not yet "discovered" this gem we strongly reccommend that you do.

Willa is about to turn 93 years old. She is still fully active and enjoys her time out with the family.

Bart and Casey are going to be married on the 9th of July in Scotia

Janice and Brian are expecting the arrival of thier first child, Isabella (Izzy) any day now. Janice was overheard at dinner telling Izzy that she was aobut to recieve her eviction notice :-)

Jim and Linda Spallino are the long time Matriarch and Patriarch of the Northern Carothers Clan

Pam and Craig are still trying to get used to all the family changes and wonder if there are still any cruises in thier future

We had a fantastic time and we thank all of those involved