Wine Pairing Dinner a Great Success

On Wed night, Feb 9th a very special dinner was held at the home of Pam and Craig Carothers. Owing to the gernerosity of John Olson and Palotai winery and armed with a list of his favorite dishes wannabe tapas chef, Craig, decided to go for it :-). We were fortunate enough to have a very distinguised list of guests from the local community for this event. In attendence were:


Jeff Sesar
  Renown local chef of Victorian Inn fame as well as Plaza Grill, Abruzzi and Moonstone Grill.
Rick Breen
  Local Business Owner (Living Styles)
John Powell
  Humboldt Bay Bar Pilot
Mike Baretto
  Local Business Owner (Trinity Deisel)
David and Ashley MacCuish
  Local Agrabusiness personalities (Buck and Daisey) (Local Farmers Market Manager)
MarryAnn Anderson
  Local Restaraunt personality (Gills)
Paul and Sandi Beers
  Local sales personality (Vern's Furniture)


Winemaker John Olson was scheduled to attend but last minute illness prevented him from making the 4+ hr drive. His presence was missed. The dinner was a success with all parties enjoying great food, wine and comeraderie. I would HIGHLY reccomend this type of event to all my friends and fellow wine club members. I look forward to recreating this dinner several times in the near future.