Do you believe in destiny?


If ever two people were destined to be together it is Bart and Casey. These two first exchanged glances at the ripe old age of 11 while attending Sunny Brae Middle School. Pam, Casey’s mother, always liked Bart and did all that she could to encourage their relationship including making sure that he was the last one dropped off on outings so he would have more time with Casey. Casey remembers that even then he was a prolific writer of romantic letters. After middle school the couple went their separate ways and were not in touch with each other. Casey always wondered what happened to Bart and vice versa. The assumption had always been that Bart had married, had a lot of children and was living the happily ever after. Then one day, after 12 years of silence, Bart contacted Casey from Sacramento. Gotta love that Facebook. The couple had their first conversation in over a decade and that led to agreeing to meet at Whiskeytown and reunite on a camping trip. According to Casey it was only an hour later that Bart turned to her and proclaimed that they were destined to be married, have kids take care of their parents (reminder) and grow old together. They fell madly back into love and did the long distance relationship thing for 6 months. They decided to live in Humboldt county because Casey is in nursing school here and it afforded Bart the opportunity to follow a dream and enroll in the Police Academy. Both are nearing completion and getting ready to start careers. The couple has long dreamed of an exotic cruise for a honeymoon and are asking friends and relatives to please consider donating to that either directly or via their registry page at Travelers Joy in leu of more conventional gifts. Both Casey and Bart profess how lucky they are to have found each other again and are excited that close friends and family will be able to share in the celebration. Destiny, that’s what I’m talking bout :-)