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We walk a lot here. I really enjoy it. Pam tolerates it. Thursday we went to pick up her repaired glasses downtown I heard Google Maps laughing in the background. Our 1.5 mile round trip turned into over 6 min. We did not have the name of the shop nor a phone but we thought we knew about where. Once again I entrusted my reputation to Google Maps. Pam had said that she would disown me if we ever wound up walking in circles again. I’m pretty surles. If we had walked straight up Mariscal Lamar we would have run into it. But NOO Google said  left here..right there another left and pretty soon we were good and lost. We consulted with Maps.me and Waze but they were in on it with Google. I enjoyed the walk anyway. We saw some really neat things, discovered another Mercado and another Artisan Plaza. Some 5 hours into it we found the shop and got her glasses. As we left I made the almost fatal mistake of asking for directions to get back to the river. About 6 blocks straight down that way..Pam said lets take a cab. I said, agitatedly, why now, its just around the corner. Some hour and a half later I gave in, and not nicely, and we got a taxi which took us the other 4 miles to our destination for the evening. I would have been murdered if I hadn’t got the cab. As it was she only let me live because she needs a translator.  We finally arrived at the Broken Bridge Bistro where we were to meet some friends we had made recently and have a quick bite before the evening show of Pedro singing beatles tunes. We started with 2 cocktails apiece, Black Russians for me and White Russians for Pam, and then I had two more so I wouldn’t feel Pam slip the knife into my side. There were probably a dozen of us there. It was FANTASTIC. Pedro works without a teleprompter or cheat sheet as he knows the words to some 400 songs. He is one of only two artists in ecuador sponsored by Bose. We made a few new friends and decided to go to the Symphony the next night. We met at the Vegetable Bar and had dinner, Fish and Chips,then on to the symphony arriving exactly one minute before it began. It was free and is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. Great performance

Invite to Death by Cacao Celebrate with us — 6-8:30 PM – March 11 at the Vegetable Bar Gastronomic Event’s Chocolate Dinner Festival. I offer you Ecuadorian savory courses, hot cacao and sweet dessert to die for! All this plus, Chocolate Profiling and Chocolate Wine Pairings for just $35/person . Experience the sweet ’n sultriness of Premium Chocolate grown by the World’s original purveyors of Chocolate. Forget the Diet—This is your Multi-Course Chocoholic’s Adventure! CHOCOLATE FEAST MENU TO DIE FOR – Appetizers  * Chocolate Covered Peppered Bacon * Grilled Pineapple with Tequila Chili Pepper Chocolate Sauce Starters * Poached pear and Blue Cheese Salad with Chocolate Dressing Mains * Pumpkin-Filled Chocolate Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter, Pears, and Hazelnuts or *Chocolate and Coconut Encrusted Paiche Sides * Roasted Baby Carrots with Balsamic-Bitter Chocolate Syrup * * Charred Cauliflower and Jalapeno Peppers with Picada Sauce Desserts * Death by Cacao Flourless Fudge Brownie with Mango Chutney * Ecuadorian Chocolate Earl Grey Mousse Plus hot Ecuadorian Cocoa & Wine & Chocolate Pairing

The chocolate event was first class. At first I balked at the price but it was easily worth twice the price. Incredible creations prepared to excellence. Chocolate covered bacon and the salad were especially good. The presentation on chocolate and the samples was outstanding.  I would follow this and do it again without hesitation. Michelle is planning to do other events including an interactive murder mystery.

I included a  picture of two roses that were given to us five days ago. Roses are a primary export of ecuador. They are very inexpensive here and are guaranteed to stay fresh for fifteen days. Looks like they mean it. Beautiful

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