Hey Govt.. Why you gotta be like that..

Its intensely frustrating not knowing what our visa status is or what will happen in the near future. We missed the old law by three days. Not real sure how the new one will work and frankly neither are they. Read a lot of opinions by lawyers here but each canton (state) government seems to play by its own rules. I don’t care about the financial implications of having to renew it at two years but rather the new requirements for international health insurance which is difficult and expensive to get at 65 + or with pre existing conditions. I am also very concerned with whether or not it will still grant a cedula with all the rights and privileges including the Third Age rights of half off. Would make flights back home somewhat more affordable. That said…I understand the reasoning for the new law. It actually makes it easier for non US foreign immigrants to come here legally and tries to alleviate some of the strain  that immigrants put on the medical system. It also extends the time a tourist can stay to 6 months from 3 .Its just that we jumped through all the hoops and got here just three days late. I ave sunk about $3500 into the process and stand to lose it if we have to start over with the new law, although it looks like the requirements wont be quite as stringent. For the most part this all falls outside of things I can control and it appears I am not so good at that. Ecuadorians are extremely kind and gracious people and they are well aware of how much tourism and residency benefits the economy. The timing is the biggest issue for us. Because the government agencies are still confused about the new law and because there is a presidential election in April there is virtually no movement on these issues. They have extended everyone’s visas until the end of April. Im sure it will all work out there is just increased anxiety until it does..

The political future here is also in flux. Out of one boondoggle into another. Presidential elections were in Feb but require a winner by 50% of the votes cast or 40%  with a margin of 10% If not there is a runoff between the top two. Logical and who knows what would have happened if we had the same. All other candidates now throw their support to one of the two. It looks like it will totally change the outcome. Also elections are held on Sunday and there is a penalty for not voting. Booze sales stop two days before the election and start a day after. Unfortunately claims of fraud are just as prevalent. Campaigning is also restricted to specific time frames.

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