Retirement- 2nd Level

1st level was just not going to work each day. Still lived in a household of 6 people with constant natural turmoil. Level 2 means that you live in a quiet environment with no obligations to do anything at all. Sometimes we wake up at 10 and decide to just stay in bed or play on the computer. No one to judge fewer to care. Takes some getting used to since we are programed to believe we should always be in motion.  I believe level 3 involves getting involved in something again but I think thats about a year away 🙂

Yesterday I convinced Pam that we needed to go for a walk. She is a real trooper but has a problem with walking for the sake of exercise  and exploration of our environment . She says she will not go on anymore circular walks without a predetermined destination and knowing the route. I swear to her there wont be a problem this time but I can hear Google Maps laughing in the background. Yesterday a simple one mile turned into a 3.5 mile walk thanks  to Google, and Waze. I am completely internet centric and Pam is totally paper map oriented. Unfortunately we have not found a good useful map of the city. Many of the streets are not marked which can make it even more difficult.

Yesterday we wandered the streets in a part of the old town we had never been to before. It was a lot more like what most foreigners would consider to be typical of South America, with artisanal booths and colorful dress. We finally found a place that says it can fix Pam’s glasses. All the other optical places we had visited said it could not be done. We go pick them up this afternoon if we can just remember where the shop is 🙂 We didn’t get a receipt or a business card.

This city is officially called   Santa Ana de los cuatro ríos de Cuenca This means Santa Ana of the four rivers of the basin.  The rivers run through the town and anre meadow lined and popular walking or picnic spots. We walked along the Tomebamba yesterday and observed a spot where indigenous people were doing laundry in the river. Pretty sure there are trout in the river, even read that somewhere, but you NEVER see anyone fishing. Fishing is mostly done in the Cajas national park with a guide. Of course there is abundant fishing along the coast.

At the end of the day we decided to go to the weekly trivia event at the Vegetable Bar. Dinner at 5:30 trivia from 6:30 till around 8  Teams of four compete. Met some more expats and had a good time. Somebody exclaimed that all of the expats they had met were very interesting people. I replied that, yes, they are. If you think about it what kind of person uproots from the US or Canada and moves to a foreign country and gets involved in the community. An adventurous person without xenophobia, usually well traveled and open minded. Having now met a number of them I believe this is true. Everyone has a story, including me, that makes them more interesting to know. Have also seen that many of the expats have opened some sort of a small business or service and/or are very involved in volunteer work. Pretty sure I will fall into one or more of these categories but am trying to hold off for a year so I can keep exploring before I commit to any kind of a fixed schedule.

Skyped with grand daughters yesterday and one was crying because she misses us so much. Makes it hard but remembering what its like to be there.  We can , and will, make at least semi annual trips back home to see them. pretty sure 6 weeks will be enough for everyone to get their fill. Thanks to modern technology communication has never been easier or as real time as it is now.

My phone went dead so I don’t have any new pictures to post this time Still till pretty frustrated over the lack of a resident visa since the law was changed Jan 28th and no one, especially government officials, know how to interpret the new laws. They say they will have clarification in late April so I guess its hurry up and wait. Its also a matter of each canton (State) having a different perspective and rules. We drove 4 hours to another canton to submit our paperwork because they were still accepting applications. This all falls under accepting the things you can’t control and apparently I’m not very good at that. OK enough for today..

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  1. Nancy and I have been level 2 for sometime now. The only person in this household that requires routine is the dog. In fact we are on our way to enjoy a casual afternoon at Bear River, yah!
    Interesting comment about walking, we are so dependent on GPS, I have such a hard time reading maps, my eyes just can’t handle the small print.

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