A Night Out

We finally took a night out. We have mostly stayed in the house. Raining. Getting used to not having to go anywhere and not mattering when we chose to not do it. We have watched a lot of movies. I had Direct TV installed and bought a super smart tv. Along with a VPN I am now overloaded with choices to watch.  We have gone for a number of walks. We will do a lot more when the rains stop. Anyway.. We decided to go to an american bistro bar and club that we had read about in one of the local expat magazines. There are between 3 and 5 thousand expats here. We went to a place called The Broken Bridge Louisiana Bistro. We read that they were having the best guitar player in Cuenca doing a show at 7:00 for a $5.00 cover. Sounded good, We had been to a movie earlier and had seen LaLaLand. We hailed a taxi and quickly found out that none of the drivers had ever heard of the place. That didn’t really bother us because no one has ever heard of the street we live on either. Armed with an approximate address ( the best you can hope for here considering about 50% of the streets aren’t marked ) We drove down the cute little street that runs along the Tomebamba river and were about to give up when we spotted a small logo sign that said we had arrived. We went up the stairs and entered a small space that had a little bar a few tables and a food menu. Appeared that it could hold about 30 people. We immediately met the owner, Tom, and we sat at the long table with him. we ordered a Black Russian and a White Russian knowing that there is no Kaluha here. They tasted great. When I decided to order a second they had run out of the Coffee Liquor. I decided to try something different but before they could make it the barkeep had run out and bought a new bottle of Coffee Liquor. This type of service is not unusual here. We have witnessed it many times where as just a few months ago back in California we went to a restaurant that was advertising steak dinners and when we got there at 5:00 They were out of potatoes. Going to get more was a foreign idea to them.

Since we had a while to wait for the show to begin we ordered a quick salmon dinner to share. Outstanding. We had a long conversation with the owner. It is not unusual to find very small hole in the wall business here. 7:00 came and went and at closer to 8:00 the guitarist and the singer set up on a small stage in the front. There were 9 of us total in attendance. The singer was fantastic, The guitarist was very accomplished. We got a big surprise a little later on. We had been having a drink and socializing with a very nice woman. Suddenly they called her to the stage to perform and introduced her as a broadway star of Cats and Les Mis, Cindy Benson. I looked her up later and she does, indeed, have those credentials and more. The entertainments was excellent and not overpowering as we might have feared from such a small venue.Pretty much only english was spoken there.

It was a great night out and an excellent introduction to the expat community. We will go back. There are many others we want to try. this is a town of almost 400 restaurants. We have made reservations for a “death by chocolate” multi course meal in two weeks at another American owned place called The Vegetable Bar. The menu is extensive and I will publish it after the event.

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