Coming home to a place I’ve never been before

People incessantly ask why we moved here and how come I speak spanish at the level I do. Its a long story but I am most reminded of the lyric of John Denver” Going home to a place he’s never been before” Since I was 16 I have been immersed in the Latin culture. At 16 I participated in a 2 month exchange to Culiacan Mexico where I learned I have a real talent for the language and for assimilation into the culture. I attended a very special school at UOP in Stockton called Elbert Covell. Most of the students and teachers were from Latin America. I never took a college course taught in English. Most of my classes were with less than 10 people. My economics teacher, for example, was Castro’s Finance Minister through the revolution. With students from every country we had to come together on a common language because Spanish is spoken differently in each country and customs are different. We took all our meals together and lived together. We seldom left out little part of the campus. Only some 400 of us ever graduated and I am the webmaster for the group. We are a very tight group and the kind that maintains a common bond,. It is the kind of group that even if you don’t personally know another member you can still connect with them and they will offer all hospitality.

  • I feel very much at home and comfortable here in Ecuador and have no plans to leave but I am always open to the needs of my family and health and would go back to Ca if necessary. Those of you that know me know that my California Indian Heritage is also a very big part of my life. Pam and I had the opportunity to see our native healer before we left on the first excursion. He said that the reason I was drawn to places like Machu Picchu is that I once lived there in a former life. Makes emotional sense if not scientific. The only other place I felt as spiritual was in Taos Pueblo New Mexico.
  • I’m sorry I dropped the ball on the blog before but I will get it going again and keep it current. There is a lot to share here in Cuenca.. Later today I will write of our experiences this past month and our first real night out on the town last night I really do feel that I have come home to a place I’ve never been before…

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