Canoa…Beach Town


Canoa.. This is a beach town in the province of Manibi. It is a well known party town during the holidays and weekends. We were there ahead of the December crowds and things were relatively quiet. The beach side of the street is lined with huts alternating restaraunt, bar, restaraunt. The other side of the street has the more elaborate restaraunts and the hostels. There is a popular gringo spot called the Surf Shack. Surfing is a big deal in Canoa and there are several surf acadamies. The surf here isn’t very large and reminds me of the waves in Eureka. Music is played loudly all night long.

The ocean is HOT here and you can walk out quite a distance to swim. The fishing boats launch directly into the surf and it is fun to watch them rise almost perpendicular until they clear the breakers. This is an area of abundant fish and shellfish. Langostinos and lobster are everywhere. Shrimp is king. When the boats return they are hauled up to the top of the beach by placing logs underneath and rolling them. There is seldom hot water in the hotels because it is little needed. The weather is quite hot and the ocean is also quite hot. Unfortunatly there are “no see ums” in the form of little mosquitos which apparently prefer white meat. Pam was not bothered at all but I was literally covered with them. Turns out I have an alergic reaction to them which makes it worse. For the next 10 days I was driven mad with itching. There are few doctors in this area and the pharmacists act in thier place. The first few prescribed anti fungal medicines which didnt really help. In Esmeraldas I was treated with fresh Aloe and limes. Eventually they healed but i did it again a few weeks later as we will see in Cojimines.

Traveling with four suitcases and assorted bags can make bus travel somewhat problematic so again I hired a car our next destination Esmeraldas in the north tropical humid area. We had been advised not to go there but it was one of our best weeks. More on that next in of the Marimba


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