Around the Horn

On the 4th day of a two week cruise the seas got angry. With seas to 30 Ft and winds to 100Km we were denied permission to dock in our next 3 ports. People were a litle disgruntled since they were the most sought after ports but there was nothing we could do about it. We cruised the Beagle Channel named after Darwin and saw the glaciers. We entered the Straight of Magellan and cruised there also. Finally we braved the Cape Horn where the Atlantic and Pacific meet over Antartica. 400 ships hav been lost there. We were given certificates for making the crossing. Then we headed up to Argentina and Uraguay. We were not able to land in the Falklands either.

Life aboard the ship was amazing.. We had a culinary center on board with several classes and guest chefs including Alex Seidel. We had a special dinner with a guest chef involving pairings of wine and South American foods. There was also a Haloween pairing dinner with fine wines. We also took a mixology class and graduated with certificates from that also. We made good friends with the bartender Christian and the head of the booze department. I posted pictures on facebook of the flaming drinks. In the class we had to make a number of cocktails and had to drink them all 🙂 Next stop Puerto Madryn Argentina.. Here come the penguins…

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