Back Online Puerto Montt

It’s been about a month since I updated this. I’ll start with the cruise from Valparaiso to Buenos Aires. Cruses are always a blast. Relaxation, good food and drink, very good company and good ports. Our first port of call was Puerto Montt. My friewnd Teri Graf-Pulvino sent a cab from to meet us. He gave us an excellent tour before taking us to Frutillar to lunch with Teri. Purto Varras was beautiful and reminded me of home. we saw waterfalls and a green lake. Beautiful. The big volcano had erupted in April and many houses had collapsed under the weight of the ash. Everything was still covered in a. ¬†layer of ash. Our guide reached up and shook a tree and small rocks fell out that had been trapped. This was one of the mosst beautiful stops so far. I am blown away more by the similarities beween Humboldt and here than I am by the differences.

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