Playing Catch Up

Punta con Tontolin
At long last I meet Tontolin, a pen pal.
Pam Larcomall
Lunch overlooking the ocean
Grandma Pam
Once a grandma, always a grandma
Guinea Pig on the Grill
Guinea Pig on the Grill

The site has been down for a few days so I’ll try to play catch up by observations.

  1. I believe the reason you don’t see fat people here is because they are too slow to cross the road and so always lose the obligatory game of chicken. Its a form of Darwinism.
  2. There are a TON of Chifas, or Chinese restaurants here but I seldom see any Chinese. When I inquired I was told its because they are all inside cooking 🙂
  3. The most important part of the car is the horn. Without it you die in seconds.
  4. Almost all of the milk sold here is in cans.
  5. There is a park called Kennedy Park that is home to over 300 cats. They act like dogs. they beg and cuddle up to everyone. Way cool and I don’t normally like cats.
  6. There is an excellent beverage called Chicha Morena which is made by boiling purple corn and mixing in cinnamon and other spices.
  7. Cartoon characters here are much more intelligent. They even speak Spanish.

Yesterday Pam and I took the bus alone to Miraflores to play. We had a buffet at a high class restaurant then went to a casino, imagine that. Went shopping in an Inca market then home by buss. Today we went to a BIG shopping mall. WOW. Had to come to Peru to find such modern conveniences. They have escalators, for instance, that are built to take shopping carts on them. The stop lights here all have a large LED counter on them so you know how many seconds more it will stay that color. I kinda think its so you know how long before you get hit. If you close your eyes when riding in a car it will STILL scare the hell out of you. Tonight we went to Sucro and had a fantastic meal of Pisco Sours followed by Picarones ( Portuguese doughnuts or fritters) then Anticuchos ( skewers with large pieces of meat marinated and grilled. Wonderful. For three of us the cost was about $33.00  Gas is about the same price here. Maybe just a little more. Big plans for tomorrow. A visit to Pachcamac to see the ruins and maybe a trip to the museum of the inquisition. We never know for sure. Then we have to repack because Saturday morning we go to Chile..This truly is a great adventure. What the hell are you all waiting for. Your excuses don’t hold water. Go while you still can..

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