Cutting in line and Dancing Waters

2015-09-17 19.07.35Palace Guards Lima, like many other cities in South America, has a law that requires people to give up their seats on public transport to people in “the third age”, pregnant, with infants or handicapped. A major difference is that they give up the seat with a smile. The law also says that those people do not wait in line but go to the head of the class. That’s right.. I am in my third age, over 60 or 65 depending, and the last bus on the way home tonight was way crowded and the line was quite long. We exercised that privilege and while I was a little nervous all the people in line were very cool with it. Turns out that while the line had maybe a hundred people in it only 4 of us were old or pregnant. I noticed this all day long. I had a lot of trouble finding old people or fat people like me. When I did find them they were usually old, fat and a tourist.
We started the day with a trip from Rafael’s house into downtown Lima.This was a trip of 1 and 1/2 hours involving a bus and then a train like bus. Lima is divided into districts, each with its own municipal government and sub culture. You go from the far outskirts, where things appear impoverished, into the center of town which is big business and quite modern. Then there’s the old town, resplendent with the presidential palace and many cathedrals and colonial buildings. We also went to the top of San Cristobal where you can look down in every direction at the city and at the same time see the hills and the ocean. Breath taking. After a Pisco Sour, they really haven’t discovered good beer yet, we decided to visit the “Magic Water Circuit”. This is an elaborate labyrinth of incredible themed fountains. There is a show at dark with Dancing Waters and little movies and lazer shows all done inside the fountain. There is another one that I swear reaches a good 50 ft up. Pam was so enthralled that she made me promise we would do it again before we leave Lima.We are going to the city center again to see the museums and other attractions. We probably walked a good two miles today and I have to give kudos to Pam. She has been a real trooper and an inspiration.
One more comment. Earlier I said that things “appeared” impoverished. There is indeed poverty evident but even more there is the environment. Many houses look fine on the first floor but the second stories are crumbling and or unfinished. There has been an unexpected abundance of rain over the last few years and that has wreaked havoc on the buildings. You don’t see people begging and lamenting their condition and the camaraderie
and kindness shown to strangers is very evident.

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