Wheels up and Wheels down

We were panick packing until 3 AM and had to leave for the airport by 4.. What took so long–43 years of marriage, which means I lose the argument. The origianal plan was for one backpack apiece. Last minute I find my self helping to vaccuum pack plastic bags full of clothes and stuffing them into two large suitcases.That means we now have 2 gigantic suitcases that weigh about 60 lbs each plus 2 large backpacks plus 2 cpap machine bags and a big ass purse. There is no way in hell im lugging that all over the continent ( unless she says so).
We had incredibly comfortable flights and made every connection with minutes to spare. Onboard movies were great. Its incredibly expensive to eat in airports but the food was great. We had Irish Coffees in the Buena Vista in SF along with a breakfast burrito we shared. In Houston we had a couple of fancy cocktails and shared a plate of crawfish etuffe and fried crawfish. Wonderful but the bill was 100.00 all together. In Houston there was a bar named the Local. Ill send pics later. That is the name of the bar that we frequented that I now fear must shut dowwn because we can no longer support it 🙂
Lima is a city of around 9 million people and is GIGANTIC. It took an hour by taxi to get to my friends house and I am told you can drive twice that and still be in lima. Today is a rest day- We still dont have any fixed plans but its time to start thinking about the trip to Machu Picchu in the next couple of weeks. I got a terrible cold the day before we left and I am consuming alcohol in an attempt to defeat it.
See you all in March…away we go…….

2 thoughts on “Wheels up and Wheels down”

  1. Enjoying the pictures, very interesting to see what you are seeing. Did you feel any of that monster earthquake in Chili? Are you going to be at Cherrie heights on Tuesday, lol.

    1. We didn’t feel a thing.. My friend that lives in Antofogasta Chile had no damage. he has a house in Santiago also and no damage there either. Not saying it wasn’t a terrible earthquake but as per always i think the press blew it up a bit.. We will be in Chile around the first..

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