Its Getting Real!!

So its two and a half days to wheels up. We haven’t packed a thing. We are still in the process of packing up the house so the kids can take it over. I pray that we have all of the documents etc since we are going to have to do a rush job of packing. I just went and picked up our medications for the next six months. Looks like not much else is going to fit in the luggage. I have been working on getting the cell phones set up for international use. Gets complicated because of different network formats and roaming by country. I pay dearly, for instance, for voice and data in Peru but its almost free in Chile due to reciprocal agreements with Sprint.
I have not been in touch with my hosts for a couple of weeks and so hope we are met at the airport 🙂
I am a member of the Karuk tribe of Northern California. Pam and I go to the Potowat Health Village for medical care. We also have a native healer there. While I do not consider myself to be a spiritual person I do acknowledge that the only “spiritual” event I have experienced was standing in the center of the Taos Pueblo and feeling it was the center of the Universe. Well the native healer, Ruben Talaveras, told me in our last session that I am going on a journey of past lives. He says I have chosen to visit all of the archaeological ruins because I have been there before in previous lives. He says that is why I speak Spanish at the level I do. When people ask me how I came to speak that well I have always said that no one knows, it just happened. That would explain some of it anyway. After that session we were driving out of the clinic when a Great Blue Heron landed by the car. He followed us the whole way out. When we stopped he stopped. Strange..The time I spent as a scientist served to teach me more about how much we don’t know than how much we do. It is not my intention to fill this blog with mysticism but it seemed somewhat relevant to this journey. Now back to packing

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